RBM Consulting Anette P. Simonsen
– a one woman company

  • Do you wish to strengthen Results Based Management in your organisation?
  • Or are you working on a project plan or application for funding? Would you some assistance in this process to ensure success?
  • Would you like to develop a programme that lays good foundations for reporting on results and evaluation? – An that is in line with the needs of the target group?
  • What are risk factors and why is everybody talking about risk and sustainability as one thing?
  • Are you going to report on results?What is a good result indicator exactly?
  • Are you trying to inspire your partner to report better on results on higher levels? Output, outcome, impact – what is the difference?
  • Do you need help to facilitate a process of some sort? Do you or your organisation need som training in any of theses subjects?

Key words:
Advice, Consultancy, Competence building, Training, engagement and inspiration.
Project Management, International development Cooperation.
Results Based Management, Risk Management, M&E ( Monitoring & Evaluation). Terms of Reference (TOR) for an review/ evaluation.
Indicators, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Means of verification, Targets, Baseline. Results reporting.  Aggregation of results. Results on Impact, Outcome and outputs- level. Workshops, facilitating processes, Learning – in the organisation.
Inspiration and results!

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